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Those Darn Dragon Horses by D. Jackson Leigh

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Here’s a bit more detail about dragon horses, scamps that they can be.

Women and Words

DHW 300 dpiThe sun is barely up and so am I. 🙂 If I were more awake, I’d be able to develop a joke out of that. As it is, I’m going to stick with what I came here to do. This happy, if still pretty dark, Sunday morning, we have the fabulous D. Jackson Leigh here with us. She has a new book called Dragon Horse War: The Calling. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

If you’re interested, and you should be, you can read an excerpt HERE.

Those Darn Dragon Horses
by D. Jackson Leigh

When Jael, the First Warrior in Dragon Horse War: The Calling, tries to prepare Alyssa to meet her first dragon horse, she explains that most legends are born from a grain of truth. Tales of great dragons generally are considered to have originated from early human exposure to a large reptile…

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