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My Writing Soundtrack

February 22, 2015 Leave a comment

Missouri Vaun (aka Paige Braddock the artist/writer behind Jane’s World) gives one of my books a shout out in her blog about playlists for writing. Her first novel, “All Things Rise” that’s not a graphic novel comes out in May. I can’t wait.

Missouri Vaun

Driving into work on Thursday, The Donnas came up on my playlist and I was immediately whisked back to a particular moment in time.

This was the song I was listening to a few months ago when my Z3 got run over by an SUV. I was listening to their track titled, “Take It Off,” and thinking to myself that if Carsen Taite’s character, Luca Bennett, had a theme song, this would be it. I’m on my second drink, but I’ve had a few before… I’m tryin’ hard to think and I think that I want you on the floor.

It was at about that moment that the airbag deployed.

Luca’s favorite lunch is a burger and a beer, and she drives a vintage Bronco, so I’m pretty sure she’d be into The Donnas. Anyone who eats that much red meat and drives a V8 would definitely have…

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Here kitty, kitty.

February 17, 2015 6 comments

There are about a million things I should be doing at the moment, but I’m so buoyed by an Internet purchase, I had to share it.

My dad suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Before her death, my mom suffered from dementia that resulted from a series of small strokes. She had other health issues, too. So, about six years ago, both my parents had to be moved into an assisted living facility. The toughest thing was not being able to take their pets. My family has always loved our animals. My siblings and I, of course, took on the pets they had at the time.

About four years ago, I stumbled upon a mechanical cat that purrs, blinks and paws at its face. It’s quite lifelike. The Furreal Lulu was the spitting image of the white long-haired cat they had to give up. Also, a reviewer on Amazon had written a long comment about how her parent with Alzheimer’s had attached to it. So, I forked over the $42 to purchase it for my mother.

She loved it. The mechanical cat was so lifelike from a distance, that it startled the nurses when they’d come into my parents’ room that first day.

When my mother died almost three years ago, we really didn’t think my dad would survive without her. They were married only a few months shy of 50 years, and were a very close couple. But Daddy latched onto that cat and has stayed with us. We’re all very relieved, because he’s the sweetest man in the world.

We have a private room for him now. He has his television and recliner and family pictures on the wall, and big portrait of him and mother. There’s also a picture of her grave, because it helps him to be able to remember where she’s gone .

And, he has the cat. He holds “Silver” all day and sleeps with her at night. We’ve spent so much money on batteries, I finally coughed up a hundred bucks for batteries we can recharge and an unit to do it — only to find out he really doesn’t care if Silver moves and purrs. He just wants her company. My two sisters and I make sure he wants for nothing, but the thing he treasures most is a basket my sister gave him that hooks to his walker. He puts Silver in it and takes her with him when he goes to the dining hall for lunch every day. If we check him out of the home to spend time with us, he won’t leave without that cat.

Here’s the problem. He knows the cat requires batteries and doesn’t need a litter box, but he still tries to share food with her sometimes. So, her faux fur is matted from his constant petting and her mouth is crusted with the strawberry ice cream he tries to share with her. Because of her mechanical insides, you can’t just throw her in the washing machine either.

So, we’re on the third or fourth Silver. Ever so often, I’ll buy another and we’ll tell him we’re taking her to the groomer and swap it out. Until about two years ago. The company quit making the Lulu model (the one that’s laying down). Once they stopped making them, the price of the cat soared on ebay from $40 to $300. I tested getting a different one, but it wasn’t the same color and he gave it away to a lady down the hall and clung to his ratty white one. So, we’ve been attempting to scrub up this last Lulu though she’s looking really poorly. Her fur is thin in many spots.

Then last night, I was cruising the Internet for something to send for his birthday later this week and, on a lark, searched for Lulu. I found one! Only $25…well, $40 with shipping. I messaged my sister — the one I know always stays up late. There was rejoicing.

So, when I drive to Georgia next month, “Silver”  will go to the groomer and come back fresh and fluffy. It may seem like a small thing, but its huge to the three Jackson girls because it will put a big grin on the face of the man who has loved us all unconditionally since the day we were born. We love you, Daddy. Happy 81st Birthday.


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Those Darn Dragon Horses by D. Jackson Leigh

February 8, 2015 Leave a comment

Here’s a bit more detail about dragon horses, scamps that they can be.

Women and Words

DHW 300 dpiThe sun is barely up and so am I. 🙂 If I were more awake, I’d be able to develop a joke out of that. As it is, I’m going to stick with what I came here to do. This happy, if still pretty dark, Sunday morning, we have the fabulous D. Jackson Leigh here with us. She has a new book called Dragon Horse War: The Calling. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

If you’re interested, and you should be, you can read an excerpt HERE.

Those Darn Dragon Horses
by D. Jackson Leigh

When Jael, the First Warrior in Dragon Horse War: The Calling, tries to prepare Alyssa to meet her first dragon horse, she explains that most legends are born from a grain of truth. Tales of great dragons generally are considered to have originated from early human exposure to a large reptile…

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Dreaming of Dragon Horses

February 3, 2015 1 comment

Hey, check out my blog on what made me depart from my usual romance genre and try my hand at writing fantasy.

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