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Indecision…it’s technical

June 8, 2013 5 comments

I’m in computer hell.

Nope. No crashes or lost files this time. Just time to update my electronics. It’s a dilemma that been keeping me up at night and surfing the web endlessly for at least a year.

By the end of 2013, I’ll likely buy a new eReader (my Sony already has about 100 more books than it is supposed to hold), a tablet (because I don’t have one), a computer (because my Inspiron 15 is breathing its last and XP needs to finally be put out to pasture) and a new phone (because I cracked the screen on my Android).

Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, I need to spend my dollars in the most efficient way, but I also don’t want to waste money on something that’s not going to measure up or last. I’m careful with my money because I have no resources but my own to depend upon. I’m not swayed by needing to keep up with the Jones and the company I work for offers corporate discounts on both Macs and Dells, so that’s no help.

The phone purchase is a given. I’ve been happy with my Android, but what if I decide on a Mac Airbook? Shouldn’t I get an iPhone instead so they can talk to each other? Macs do that, don’t they?

Do I need an iPad or would a Kindle Fire HD serve just as well? I probably would use it primarily for reading, but also for checking email and facebook. But would I find the Kindle Fire too heavy to hold while I read in bed every night? 

I’m frustrated with Windows viruses and reviews of Windows 8 aren’t glowing. On the other hand, if I pay more for a Mac, I still have to buy Word to go on it because that’s what I need to write books.

I could buy both a Dell laptop with touchpad and a Kindle Fire cheaper then just buying a Mac Airbook (which doesn’t have touchpad capability). And, I’ll still have to fork over even more money for an iPad … in the end, I’m talking about nearly $1,000 difference.

Okay, when I write that number, my bank account is screaming: WTF? You’re still dicking around over this?

Yes, I am. It took me two years to decide my first tattoo and eight years to decide a second (still can’t decide where I want the second).

That leads me to the really big question:

If I take years decide a tattoo and months to agonize over the purchase of electronics, why the hell am I sold on a woman the minute we get naked together? Hmm. Maybe I should go computer shopping in the buff …

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